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My mom tells me that when she would read bedtime stories to me as a child, I was so fascinated with them that I memorized them. It was like bringing to life in my mind the words I heard. Maybe it wasn't enough to see the picture of Noah in the flood in the storybook. Being in the boat myself, with the sea raging was a far better experience. I remember reading A Catcher in the Rye in high school and being intrigued by the honesty and bravery of the author through his characters. From short stories to poetry, words provide me with a sense of wonder and discovery. Reading was an escape into a world unlike my own. As I grew older, I began journaling a lot. It helped me express myself and attempt (emphasis on attempt) to make sense of whatever was happening in life at that point. I realize that writing is that something special that turns life into a remarkable experience, whether I make sense of it or not.

I am equally passionate about medicine and healthcare as I am about writing, so I chose to be a Pre-med student, majoring in English: Professional Writing and minoring in Biology at Oakwood University. Although the fields are different, the softening and exposure of humanity in experiencing literature and writing seems to enhance perfectly the strength of character and attitude of discovery that studying science engenders.

Right now, I'm learning to enjoy and relax in the life experiences that reveal how the dots connect or don't, my passions for medicine and writing.

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